• Welcome to Thebrick Online Shopping Store!


    This policy is designed to ensure that you are aware of our shipping policies and procedures. By ordering from this store you accept the policies contained herein.    


    There are currently 2 carriers available, GrabExpress and L192  

    The main differences between these 2 are:    

    - Costs: GrabExpress costs will be calculated based on your location from our store (near Oreussey Market). The costs would be a minimum of $1 and approximately another $0.4/km add-on. On the other hand, costs for L192 would be billed based on the size and price of the packages. The price starts at $1 for purchases under $100 and $2 for $200 and above.    

    - Payment methods: The only option available for GrabExpress is to pay in advance through our online bank account provided on our checkout page. We will only send the package out after receiving full payment. As for L192, you can pay both before the package is sent out or after you received the package. The payment methods would be through our store’s online bank account, TOD (Transfer on Delivery) to the delivery man's bank account, and COD (Cash on Delivery).    

    - Delivery time: GrabExpress will deliver anytime following your preferred time between 9 AM to 6 PM. By choosing L192, you acknowledge that the driver will deliver your package within 24 hours after the order is placed if there are no obstacles (raining, heavy traffic, the contact number is unreachable, provided address could not be found, or no clear instruction provided., etc.) arise. *Please refer to L192 terms at https://www.facebook.com/L192DELIVERY .    

    We shall notify you if we are unable to meet our estimated delivery date. If the delivery is delayed due to any of your refusal to accept the package or if you do not (within 48 hours of our first 3 attempts to deliver the product to you) accept the delivery, we may charge you for any fee and other costs reasonably incurred by this.



    The package will be shipped via J&T Express or Vireak Buntham. We will pack at our best effort with care and send it out every evening around 5 PM. If you place an order before 4 PM, your package will be shipped on the same day. Otherwise, it will be prepared and shipped the next working day.


    Note: Vireak Buntham and J&T do not offer Door-to-Door delivery. It is your responsibility to receive the package on your own when it reaches the carrier location which you’ve chosen.


    All packages shipped to the province require 1-2 days to reach the destination as it is an overnight trip.



    We cannot change the delivery address once it is in transit. If you need to change the place to deliver your order, please contact us before we schedule the driver to pick up your package. You may contact the delivery company directly for changing address or any inquiry which is totally your responsibility, not ours.



    Once your order has been shipped, a tracking link will be provided to allow you to track it until it is delivered to you.



    No cancellation is allowed after the payment is paid directly to us.