• Welcome to Thebrick Online Shopping Store!



    Payment methods available currently are ABA Pay, KHQR for Bakang members, Wing Wei Luy, and Cash on Delivery.



    No return, refund, or exchange is allowed upon the order being confirmed unless it is our error or mistake unintentionally. The problem could be any of the following:

    • - Wrong item
    • - Out of stock
    • - Unnotified damaged/unsealed item

    We ask for your understanding as we provide stage-by-stage solutions from exchanging to returning and refunding the item. The extra shipping cost is on us.


    The item must be returned to our store by our designated carrier in the same condition as it is, no further damage should be detected upon arriving at our store.


    The exchange for the new item would be your first option, however, the price of the new item must be at least 80% of the item returned.


    If the exchange is not in your favor, we happily provide full refunds to you without any conditions.


    We reserve full rights to refuse any return, refund, or exchange if we found anything unusual or if the customer has an abnormal pattern of returning, refunding, or exchanging products.