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    Send us the photo or set number of the item you are looking for, we will find THE LOWEST PRICE for you.  

    Once a quote is issued, it is valid for 48 hours.


    After placing an order, the product will arrive within 21 days (if there is no weather/customs delay/other logistic problem).


    We DO NOT guarantee the possibility of LEGO box damage as we ARE UNABLE to control the logistics handling and customs checks. We DO make sure that no content is damaged and no pieces are missing during transportation (not to mention the lost content due to the LEGO factory itself).


    The deposit CAN NOT be refunded. Changing the set is not allowed as well.


    Once your order arrives, we will notify you immediately. After 15 days of NOT getting the final payment from you, we have the right to sell the item to other customers.


    If we couldn't deliver the set to the buyer within 30 days (due to our error or mistake -- "not logistics problems/customs delay/other logistic problem"), the deposit will be fully refunded to you.


    After agreeing to our policy, you are required to deposit only via ABA Pay, KHQR for Bakang members, or Wing Wei Luy as follows:

    • - 50% for sets under USD 150.
    • - 70% for sets above USD 150.


    Upon receiving the deposit, we will issue a Purchasing Order that states the estimated arrival date of the product, the deposit amount received, and other details.


    The quote issued doesn't cover the local shipping cost.