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    If the package is to deliver in Phnom Penh, GrabExpress and L192 are the options. On the other hand, if you are in a provincial area, you may choose between Virak Buntham and J&T.

    You may pay directly to us via our online bank account such as ABA Payway, KHQR of Bakang, and Wing Wei Luy. Cash on Delivery (COD) and Transfer on Delivery (TOD) are also available in case you choose L192 as your delivery method.

    As fast as 30mn after confirming the order. If the item is available in stock, we could prepare and ship in just 15mn.

    Yes, you can in the case of choosing L192 and you haven’t made payment to our store directly yet. No, you cannot if you have made payment to our store and chose to have your package delivered by GrabExpress.

    Yes, every order will have its own tracking link, live or stage by stage. It depends on your selected delivery method.

    Yes, you can, - If you choose delivery via L192 which accepts both Cash on Delivery (COD) and Transfer on Delivery (TOD). - If you purchase the item in stock, not the pre-order product. - If you are located in Phnom Penh.

    “Only the best is good enough.” - Ole Kirk Christiansen, founder of LEGO. We are so deep into the motto created by the LEGO founder, that only original and genuine LEGO products are available here in our store always and forever.

    Yes, we do. More than 1,000 sets have been sold since we first opened our door to Cambodia LEGO fans. Currently, with more than 600 sets ready to deliver, we keep stocking up weekly to make sure you never run out of sets to build.

    From all over the globe where original and genuine LEGO sets exist! Our goal from the very beginning is to provide the most affordable sets to your doorstep in Cambodia. So wherever the reasonable LEGO set/piece is, we’d reach there and get it on your behalf.